Learning Environments

Birth – 2 years

Our aim is to provide a clean, nurturing and stimulating environment for our infants where our focus is on relationships, to ensure each child feels safe, secure and supported.

We have two beautifully designed rooms, so that the younger babies and the older babies have their own spaces to explore.

Age-appropriate resources, materials and equipment are provided to encourage children to explore and investigate using all their senses.

2 – 3 years

Our Early Learners deliver the toddler their own spaces to explore, discover, create and imagine through play-based learning.

The environment and program is vibrant and flexible and responsive to the interests and abilities of each child and includes puzzles, literacy and numeracy activities, construction activities, creative arts, music and pretend play set-ups.

3- 5 years

Our Preschool room continues to provide a play-based developmentally appropriate program where children are learning important knowledge, skills and attitudes that will not only prepare them for school but for lifelong learning.

Our ‘Transition to School’ program delivered by early childhood teachers focuses not only on the social, emotional and academic skills for children but also ensures children have the confidence and independence necessary to make a smooth transition to school.


We have created a number of varied play spaces that are natural and diverse, and include a variety of plants and shrubs.

Each space not only provides opportunities for children to release energy and engage in physical activity, but also to explore, problem- solve and engage in creative expression.

Other spaces include a large sandpit and climbing equipment. There is also an open, soft space for running and ball games.

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